The Desk of JOB
I’m an artist, designer, and creative thinker who loves working with other people to build visual worlds around things on the internet and in real life.
Further Reading...
I’ve been a "designer" my whole life; when I was a kid I re-drew logos for sports teams I disliked, prototyped gaming systems I wish existed, and built models of tiny homes I wanted to construct in our backyard. 

My parents decided to home-school me when I was young, and stuck with it through high school—it forced me to learn how to learn, which had a profound impact on my life. After high school, I attended James Madison University where I studied fine art, graphic design, and architecture. I graduated top of my class.

Upon finishing school, I moved to Seattle with a few friends and started a multi-disciplinary art and design collective, which lasted about a year.

Following my time in Seattle, I moved to Brooklyn, NY and began my design career in the music industry; where I worked as a designer and art director for several creative studios and record labels.

While woking in the music industry, I started a creative studio with my best friends, called PLAYLAB, INC. The studio is producing awesome work to this day.

Throughout my time in New York, I have worked as a Creative Director, Interactive Designer, UX lead, and Strategist for small studios and large agencies—on projects of all shapes and sizes.

In 2022, my wife and I moved from Brooklyn, NY to Lancaster, Pennsylvania, where I mainly work as an independent contractor.

Recently I have;

1. Created more useable experiences for enterprise products at Google
2. Designed tools for Jigsaw to fight disinformation on the internet
3. Designed an iOS app that helps people build good financial habits for Brightway
4. Designed an AI powered web app for Capsule that powered their $4.75M raise